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Who We Are

Life ReNewed Ministries Inc, (also known as Life Church) is a local congregation of Christians gathering to worship Jesus, help others, and share the Good News.  We are first and foremost a house of worship and Christian education.  Who we are and what we do is reflected in our mission statement:
  1. Glorify God;
  2. Edify the Church Body; and
  3. Reach the Lost.
Since May 2007, our fellowship has met regularly for worship.  Prior to Life ReNewed Minsitries, many in our congregation had given up on regular weekly worship because of being so disappointed in the past with the lack of "intentionality" of worship and service in other churches. 

God inspired our pastor to start a ministry that would be intentional, focused, and single minded in worship, service, and outreach all predicated on our mission statement.  We are a group of serious Christ followers who desire to make a difference in this world.  We are not content with just attending a church.  We really want to make a difference in this community, in our state, for this nation, and the world.  We believe that God does not want any person to perish and go to hell, but we know that not all people will accept God's gift of grace.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive God's gift of forgiveness, grace, mercy, and a future home in heaven.  Bible based worship of God is rooted in the coming together as a congregation in order to praise Him for His mercy, grace, and pardon.  Those who choose to believe they can worship God "on their own" and stay at home or go fishing or golfing or whatever they substitute for worship are just wrong.  Either they have read the Bible and have chosen to ignore the teachings or else they are simply ignorant of God's desire.  But for those who do not engage in corporate worship, we do not condemn them or criticize them; we just love them!  And we pray that the Lord touches them and reveals to them the need to be in worship with others either here or somewhere in this community.  There is absolultely no other way to heaven apart from Jesus Christ. 

Using practical, viable, and real biblical Christian principles, we offer you tools for leading a joyous, abundant and peaceful life; as well as walking with you as you grow in faith.  Truly, a Life ReNewed!

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